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Adelaide Weather

South AustraliaAdelaide’s weather is very similar to that of the Mediterranean. Adelaide is located in one of the most southern regions of the country and tends to get fairly chilly during the winter. Daytime temperatures in summer can be extremely hot, however when the sun goes down temperature tends to drop dramatically and nights can become quite chilly. When travelling to Adelaide, it is always a good idea to take warm clothing for when going out during the night.
Similar to the Mediterranean, Adelaide’s typical summer weather can get particularly hot. Loads of fine, sunny weather is featured and only occasional showers are known to occur. Temperatures during the summer months average in the low to mid twenties, however January and February typically see climates rocket above 30ºC. Although Adelaide is not as hot as the northern regions, sunshine hours are a lot longer averaging at ten hours during the city’s hottest months.
The winter in Adelaide experiences quite diverse weather as one day can be warm and sunny and the next can be cool and overcast. Daytime temperatures during the winter generally sit between 13ºC and 15ºC and rarely ever fall below 10ºC.  Temperatures can drop to as low as 5ºC at night. Rainfall during the winter is higher than any other season however this should never fool travellers as sunshine hours are still high creating warm winter days.
Autumn and Spring
Although not as high as winter, rainfall during both autumn and spring tends to be rather high, with May being the wettest month of the year. Showers tend to be brisk and short lived and sunny weather is generally not far behind. Average temperatures during the shoulder months range anywhere from 9ºC to 22ºC, making an ideal time to vacation.


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