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Melbourne Weather

VictoriaMelbourne has a maritime temperate climate prone to drastic, unpredictable changes in short spaces of time, making it famous for its ‘four seasons in one day’.
Summer in Melbourne see average highs of 24°C in December up to to 26°C in January and February. December still experiences quite changeable conditions, but by the end of the month summer launches into full swing. Rainfall does not vary much throughout the year in Melbourne and is generally low.
Autumn sees temperature fall to around 20°C, and with less chance of freak hot weather this period is often considered the nicest in Melbourne. However, towards the end of the season it begins to get quite cool and rainfall increases; May is the wettest month of the year. Generally cool night times begin to be truly cold at 10°C.
Winter is very mild with the average high temperature never falling below 14°C from June till August. Night times are very chilly around 6°C but it very rarely gets down to freezing. Melbourne sees the occasional frost and fog can often comes in from the bay, but snow is pretty much unheard of. Rain falls regularly but in the form of drizzle rather than heavy showers.
Spring is the most indecisive season of the year. Days of sunshine, heating up into the 20s, can be interrupted by periods of cold and blustery showers. Melbourne usually experiences quite strong winds at this time of year, and uncharacteristically hot spells are often followed by a cold north wind.
Melbourne’s fickle weather can be attributed to its flat topography, proximity to the Dandenong Ranges, ridges and deep-cut streams, and also to the protective structure of the bay. Weather systems created out to sea and by the Dandenong Ranges get trapped in the bay and flit uninhibited about Melbourne.



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