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Three Australian cities are in the Global Liveability Report as being in the top 10 cities of the world. Sunny weather, great lifestyle, stable economy, calm and reliable social and political atmosphere make this country one of the best places to live in the world. Also the magnificent natural environment that Australia offers to its visitors and residents make every day enjoyable and a unique life experience.

Migrate to AustraliaBeautiful weather, white sandy beaches, lots of sunshine, high employment and a very high standard of living are no longer a dream, that’s the Australian culture! And there is a place for everyone! So If you like the hustle and bustle of the big city then Melbourne or Sydney might be your destination, however if you want your children to have the best experiences as they grow up, then maybe easy living Adelaide is for you.

The migration process however, can be very frustrating and these pages are designed to provide information about the criteria and the process in simple steps. You can also use the free visa assessment tool that will allow us to assess your specific case and advise you of your options. There are options for everyone and you are not alone in this process!

Sue Caloghiris is our Registered Migration Agent at Bibber and she can help you with all your questions and provide advice for the best options for you. If there is an option, she will find it!

Are you ready for this journey? So, please visit each of these sections to get more information about the requirements for your new life in Australia.



Please understand that the advice on this website is general in nature and subject to change without notice.  We try to keep it as accurate as we can, however keeping up with changes in the Migration environment is sometimes very challenging.

This website does not replace personal advice about your specific situation.  You can contact us via the free visa assessment tool and we can then advise you of the options available to you.

If you are looking for migration advice please visit a Migration agent that is registered with the Migration Registration Authority.  These agents are bound by a Code of Conduct and must undertake rigorous education and training on a regular basis.

We are also governed by the code to charge a fair fee.  As a guide, unless you have a very complex case, or a big family, most permanent visa applications should cost no more than $10-$12,000 including government visa fees.  If someone is charging you more than that, please obtain more than one quote.


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