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Working in Australia - Horticulture Visa Application Information

What is the process after I have applied?

Step 1. If you do not already have a job, we prepare a summary of your application, including a photo (nice smiling photo NOT a passport type photo!) and this info is circulated to potential employers. If they are interested, they request a copy of your CV and Autobiography. At this stage they may contact you by telephone or email to discuss your application. They will also look at your YouTube video. Farmers love the Youtube videos!

At this time we will also prepare your visa forms and send them to you for checking and signing.  This means that there will be no delays in lodging your visa once you have a placement.

Step 2. When your application has been accepted by a Farm, they will complete a Placement Agreement which we will send to you. This will outline the tasks you will be doing during your time here and will also provide information about accommodation, and start and ending dates.

Step 3. When we receive the placement information we will email it to you for you to review. When you have signed the agreement, we will lodge your visa application.

Step 4. Immigration will process the visa here in Australia (allow at least 28 days for processing sometimes up to 90 days) and they will issue us with a letter of approval. You can travel with this letter and do not need a label in your passport. Please DO NOT apply for an ETA (Tourist Visa) because you may accidentally cancel your Bibber visa! Also if you decide to travel to Australia first or are already here, please note that Immigration charges a $700 visa surcharge to applicants onshore. This is in addition to the normal visa charge of $315, so please think carefully before you travel here without your Bibber visa.

Step 5. You may also need to have a chest X-ray (see the next question ‘Will I need to have a health check?’) Please visit the health matrix and check your status. If you do require a chest X-ray, you must use a Doctor recognised by Australian Immigration. A list of these doctors can be found here. You need to wait until this information is requested by Immigration before you can have your chest X-ray because the system is now all electronic and results are emailed from the Doctor directly to Immigration in Australia.

Step 6:. Your visa is granted and you can travel to Australia! We can only send you your visa grant letter once you have sent your flight details and insurance application form and we have finalised your method of payment. Once you have your visa grant letter you should be able to travel with the letter and your passport.


Will I need to have a health check?

All program participants from 'high risk' countries will need to have a Chest X-ray. To find out if your country is on that list please visit
If your country is on this list, you will receive a request after we have lodged your visa.  The system for the health checks is now all done electronically, so there is no need to send any results by courier to Australia. We will receive an X-ray from Immigration and will forward it to you as soon as we receive it.  You can then find the doctor in your area that you need to see by visiting

Please note that you cannot obtain this check from your own Doctor unless they are one of the approved doctors listed on the above website.

Please let us know when you have had your X-ray so that we can let Immigration know. Please keep any reference numbers or receipts for your chest X-ray just in case we need them later. Please contact us if you have any questions about this process.


Can I travel to Australia before my visa is granted?

People from some countries can travel to Australia on an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (Tourist Visa). Please click here to see if your country is on the list. Please be aware that if we have lodged your visa application and you arrive in Australia, we will need to withdraw your application and relodge it when you arrive. This is because the visa has a rule that says that ‘if you are offshore when the application is lodged you must be offshore when the visa is granted. If you are in Australia when we lodge the application, you must be in Australia when the visa is granted.’ If we need to re-lodge the visa application you will need to pay another visa application charge which is $315 plus a $700 surcharge for applying while in Australia!

Please let us know if you intend to travel before your visa is granted, so that we can make sure you are covered by insurance and have a bed waiting for you when you get here!


Can the visa be granted to match my flight dates?

The visa is granted specifically around your employment dates and not around your flights. In fact Immigration asks you NOT to make flight bookings until your visa is granted. We understand that is sometimes not practical, however we cannot change the dates of your visa to match your flights! You must change your flights to match the visa. If you are going to make flight bookings please make sure that they can be changed without penalty.


Can I contact Immigration about the status of my visa?

No please DO NOT contact Immigration about the status of your visa. They have to process 1000’s of visas and if they have to answer even one email or phone call from each of the visa applicants, it would mean that they would have no time to process any of the visas! If you contact immigration, they will contact us to let us know, so that we can apologize and contact you and ask you to stop. They are doing their best to grant the visas as quickly as they can, and if there are many applications, it sometimes takes longer than we think. Please be patient and don’t make any airline bookings that you cannot change!

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