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Working in Australia - Other Industries Placement Information

Where can I work?

You can work anywhere in Australia, depending on your job and its relevance to your qualifications.


Does my employer have to pay anything?

There are no fees to your employer for this visa. If they decide to sponsor you in the future, they may need to pay costs associated with the new visa, depending on the options available.


Will I be paid?

Yes you need to be in paid employment for us to approve your employer as a suitable host. You should be paid according to the relevant award. Employers are required to pay according to the Government requirements.


Will I be paid?

Yes you will be paid, and it will be enough for you to live on, if you are not too extravagant. Employers are required to pay according to the Government requirements. This means that your hourly rate could be between $15 and $20 per hour, depending on what you are doing. We strongly recommend that you do NOT compare placements based on the amount you are paid. There are many factors that contribute to a successful placement, not just the amount you earn.

If you are coming only to make money, stay home.
This is a learning experience not a money making venture


Will I need to buy a car?

If your placement is in a remote location, a car will be necessary to buy food and travel to and from work. A reasonable used car ( can be purchased for AUD$1,000-3000. Fuel is around $1.50 per litre so buying an economical car is important. If you are unsure whether you will need a car or not, please ask us or your employer.
You may also want to download and read this book about buying cars in Australia.


Will I need to get an International Driver’s licence?

Yes, an international Driver’s licence is a good idea and may help provide you with extra identification. Please arrange for this before you leave your home country.


Who can I turn to for help while I am in Australia?

We can be considered as your Aussie family while you are in Australia. If problems arise, we will be here to help. We will not however, hold your hand while you are here. All participants are treated as adults and you are expected to be able to solve minor problems yourself. You must also abide by local, state and federal laws or you will be terminated from the program and must return home.

You will have the time of your life!
Ask someone who has done it!



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