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Working in Australia - Other Industries. Things To Do Before You Leave Home

There are many things that you need to do as you make your plans to travel to Australia.  Hopefully these tips will help you remember a few things!
Please let us know if you think that we should add anything else to this list.

International driver's licence

Bibber would highly recommend that you get an International driver’s license if you plan on driving while you are here in Australia. You should be able to do this by paying a small fee  at your local Automobile Association or licensing department.

Mobile /Cell Telephone

The Australian phone system operates on 900/1800Mhz. If you have a mobile phone that you use at home, please bring it with you. You can put a new SIM card in it and use it while you are here. Please note that if you are travelling from the Americas you will need a tri-band phone that can access 900/1800 instead of 1900 which is commonly used in the USA, South America and Japan.  Sometimes people have telephones that are locked to their provider in their home country. If this is the case, please be aware that it does not cost a lot of money to buy both a phone and a SIM card here in Australia (~ $100).  The other good news is that calls received on a mobile phone in Australia do not cost the receiver anything!

Car insurance

If you have car insurance in your home country, get a letter from your provider that gives details of your accident records. You may be entitled to lower insurance premiums.
If you have membership in an automobile association in your home country you may be entitled to reciprocal rights with an automobile association in Australia. This means that you will be able to get free or low cost maps, and emergency road service.


Purchase a small amount of Australian money if you can, just for refreshments at the airport or a bus or taxi just in case. You should find that if your home bank account has cirrus or maestro facilities, that you will be able to access your account from Australia. Check with your bank before you leave. Credit cards are used everywhere though most places have a minimum purchase of $20. Personal cheques are not usually acceptable.

Bring a piece of home

If you have room, bring some money, photos and favourite music of your home country. Your new Australian friends and the other Bibbers will all be interested. You might also like to bring a gift to give to your host or work colleagues. Some of your home country treats and crafts will also be well received. Please be aware that there are very strict controls regarding the entry of any food or plant material into Australia. Most are not allowed so please be careful when choosing what to bring. Confectionary is usually OK but should be declared. Honey and things made from honey are strictly prohibited.

Bring a camera

Don't forget to bring your camera, or alternatively, buy a camera or a video camera if you don't have one. There will be many scenes and people to record on film to help your memory when you return home.

Keep a diary

It is a good idea to keep a diary of your adventure from start to finish. It is sometimes a nuisance to keep it up to date but it will serve as your memory in the future and help you live your adventure over and over again when you are back in your home country.


Try not to over pack. Bring only the bare essentials. The weather is generally quite mild, depending on the region of Australia you will be visiting. It is difficult to advise, unless we know what part of Australia you will be going to, so please feel free to do some research yourself.  You will also accumulate many extra things while you are here, so please keep this in mind when packing for your adventure!


Please carry your visa grant letter with your passport, just in case you need it.  Make sure that you DO NOT apply for an ETA visa because it may cancel your working visa!


We will need to organise the dates of your health/travel insurance before you leave and also see evidence of your return air ticket.  This should be faxed to Bibber International on +61 8 8227 2699, or emailed to us at least TWO WEEKS prior to your departure.

The Flight

The flight is a long one and for many of you, the first one out of your home country.
Some suggestions:

  • Fly into Adelaide as a first choice and Melbourne as a second choice (and then onto Adelaide for the orientation)-both are much smaller than Sydney and much easier to navigate. If you are coming from Europe you should be able to fly directly to Adelaide
  • Get onto Australian time as soon as you board the plane.
  • Think of that first meal as dinner.
  • Have a few drinks but don't overdo it.
  • You may also like to use melatonin tablets as they minimise jet lag. You need to take these at approximately 9pm Australian time. Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical released while you sleep so by taking tablets you imitate the natural sleep. It doesn't eradicate jetlag entirely, but it seems to help. You might also obtain a few mild sleeping tablets from your Doctor.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Move about the cabin frequently. If you are stuck in a window seat and it is difficult to get out, make sure that you flex your toes and ankles as often as you remember.


Arrival details

It is a requirement that you provide Bibber with your flight  details so that we know when you will be arriving and leaving Australia.  You will need to travel to the Glenelg Beach Hostel in Moseley Street Glenelg (Telephone 8376 0007). It is about 10 minutes away from the airport and the cost in a taxi will be about $20. There is also a regular bus (J1) that operates between the city and Glenelg via the airport.  Please make sure that you get on the bus when it is going to Glenelg, NOT to the city.  It will still get you there even if you get it wrong, but the journey will be quite a bit longer!  When you arrive at the beach hostel, there will be a booking in your name. If your flight is delayed or you miss a connection, please call us on +61 4 4967 1777 (Please note that if you call Sue out of normal business hours, you will owe her a beer!)  Please remember that the accommodation we provide is basic hostel style and includes breakfast which is self serve.  If you want a private room or a higher level of accommodation, please understand you will need to arrange for this yourself and that it will be at your own cost.

Further information:

When you arrive in Australia you will spend some time with us learning about life in Australia either as part of a group or as an individual. We will also provide you with much more detailed information about living and working in this great country.

Have a fun trip, see you down under!


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