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Working in Australia - Piggeries Health Check

Health CheckAustralia is a country that is relatively disease free, so program participants from many countries are requested to undergo a health check (usually only a Chest X-ray) and in some cases also a character check, including a police clearance. The Character check is on a case-by-case basis, however to find out if you need to have a chest X-ray, please visit
If your country is on the list that requires you to have a chest X-ray for a visa of longer than three months, you will need to visit a doctor that is specified by Australian Immigration. Please do not visit your own Doctor for this test, as it will not be accepted by Immigration and you will have to undergo the X-ray again.
Please visit to find the doctor in your area that you need to see. You will also need to download and complete a form 160. You complete some parts of the form and the doctor completes the rest. You will also need to take your passport to the appointment.

Form 160 Download Chest X-ray Form 160

Guide to completing your Chest X-Ray form (160)

*** Please read this information carefully before completing any forms ***

* Please note that your valid passport and any old chest x-rays must be taken to the examination.
* Also note that a recent photograph is to be attached to the 160 form.
* While at the examination you may be asked for a file number. This number is no longer required, however if the Doctor queries this, please tell them to contact Immigration.
* Once you and the Doctor complete all the forms, you (or they) will need to send the x-rays and the forms to the address below either by FEDEX, DHL or some other form of traceable courier. If the forms are lost, the examination will have to be done again.

Health Operations Centre
Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Level 3, The Gateway Building
26 Lee Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Please complete the 160 form, taking note of the following:


Question 1–6  
Please answer all these questions
Question 7  
Please state your occupation, as listed in your Bibber application form
Question 8  
It is a temporary visa
Please state the number of months (approximately) you will be in Australia
Question 9   Leave blank
Question 10  
The visa class is '416 special program' It is not a protection visa
Question 11  
The answer is yes and the office is ‘Hobart’
Question 12-13   Please answer both questions honestly


Question 14  
Please sign and date this form only in the presence of the radiographer


Question 1 -3  
Radiographer to complete these questions


Question 1 - 9  

Radiologist to complete these questions

Please do this Health chest X-ray as soon as possible because it can take up to two months to process the forms once they arrive in Australia. If the information is already in Australia, your visa will be processed quickly. Please contact us if you have any questions about this process.





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