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Working in Australia - Vintage Work Application

, your adventure begins now!

You can have a look at these useful links before you complete the application:


There are 2 parts to your application:

Part 1 has 5 sections and contains some specific questions which will allow us to help you with your visa application.

To begin the application please go to the bottom of this page

Part 2 is an official questionnaire that will enable us to populate the government forms for your visa application. When you have completed this questionnaire and have sent it to us, we will send you visa forms that will require your signature. Then we will be ready to lodge your visa application!

These are the things that you will need:

Section 1 - Your personal details

  • basic personal details
  • emergency contact details

Section 2 - Your experience & qualifications

  • qualifications and practical skills
  • drivers licence details

Section 3 - Declarations

  • acceptance of all the conditions of the Bibber program

Section 4 - Attach Documents

Note: For security reasons, if you leave section 4 and then go back to it again, any files you had previously  selected to be uploaded will NOT be remembered, and you will need to attach them again.

Section 5 - Credit Card details

  • supply your credit card details securely
  • Final comments

Note: If you move to a previous page after entering in information in section 5, you will need to re-enter your credit card information as we do NOT remember these for security reasons.

When you are completing this form, you will sometimes see notes in red italics. These are very important for you to know or understand, so please make sure that you read these. If a question has a red * next to it, you will need to answer it otherwise we may not be able to process your visa..
Anywhere you see question select it for more information The information will open in a new window so you can continue with your application.

You can move back and forth between some pages in this application and your information will be saved.  When you get to Section 6 and attach your documents or enter your credit card details, those things will not be saved.  This means that if you go backwards at this stage, you will need to  re-attach any files and re-enter credit card details. This is a security measure to protect your data.

Note:  Your data is not saved on the system so, if you close the form, your details will be lost. This means that you will need to start again!

We make absolutely sure that your info is safe during this process and use very secure encrypted software. Data entered into the application form is kept encrypted and stored on a private server. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on our commitment to safeguarding your information.

Finally, when you have finished and submitted your application, we will ask you a few questions.  If you answer the questions you will help make the form better for the next person! Now, are you ready to start the first step of your dream to work in Australia?

If you want to check that you understand all the fees before you start, then visit the fees info.

Want to find out more?  Use the "View a sample" buttons above so that you know what questions we will ask you.



Be sure to only navigate the application with the buttons at the bottom of each page.
Using your web browsers page back button will cause the application to fail!

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