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Working in Australia - Vintage Work Eligibility Information

Do you meet the criteria?

Are you:

  • Experienced or qualified in some facet of winery operation?
  • Have good written and spoken English language skills?
  • Interested or committed to the wine industry?
  • Interested in discussing winemaking techniques with others from wine regions throughout the world?
  • Curious about what life is like in Australia?
  • Eager to include training at a premium Australian winery on your C.V.?
  • Less than 31 years old?



Do I need to speak English?

It is very important that you have good English language skills. Australia is a long way from everywhere and, as a result not many people speak other languages. Also you may find that what you have learned as English is not what we speak! Our accent can sound quite funny and in the countryside it is even funnier! You will have a much better time in Australia if you know how to speak English before you get here. In fact it is a requirement of the visa to have an equivalent English level at IELTS 4.5 (International English Language Testing System). While we expect you to have reasonable English Language skills, there is no need to do the test or show evidence at this stage.


How do I apply?

You will need to complete the online application forms (parts 1 and 2), including the list of documents we ask for, like your CV and autobiography. If we have your information 3-4 months before you come to Australia, it will give us a much better chance of finding you a position. Most wineries start looking for people in August-September and the visas are taking longer than ever. Almost all wineries want to finalise their staff before the end of October.  An early application will increase your chances of getting a placement. You will need to complete the application form, supply reference letters if possible or at least contact details, a comprehensive CV, an autobiography, and a copy of the photo page of your passport and a smiling photo of you (head and shoulders only) You can attach these to the online application and they will be sent to us securely. Alternatively if you have difficulties you can send them directly to There is a guide to preparing an autobiography and also a guide for your CV, which we strongly suggest you follow. Using these guides will speed up the visa process and stop Immigration from asking extra questions. If you do not already have a placement, you are required to make a short (around 1-2 minutes is good) YouTube video so that employers can see what you know and if necessary check out your English. There is a guide for this as well. It is very important that you do NOT read while making the video as reading does not demonstrate your English ability at all.


I have been here before on a working holiday visa. Can I now get a Bibber visa?

Each case must be judged on it individual merits. If you were here for only a few months and then went home, then it is possible that we can sponsor you. However if you were here for one or two years and worked in the wine industry then it will be very challenging for us to get you a visa. Please contact us with your particular story and we can provide advice about whether we can help you.

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