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Working in Australia - Vintage Work Fees, Cost & Taxes Information


Will I have to pay tax?

In most cases, while you are working in Australia through this program on our Bibber visa, you will pay tax as an Australian resident. This means that although you may be taxed at a high rate during your employment, you should receive a refund of some of the money paid at a later date. The amount of tax you should eventually pay will be around 5-10%. It is up to the Tax office to determine your tax level so there are no guarantees, however to date only a few people have received a negative decision.

Other categories of visa may attract different rates of tax –usually much higher than the Bibber visa (see tax comparison table below). Please contact us for further information. Bibber will help you arrange the tax and superannuation refunds , through a registered tax agent.

Tax rate comparison


Special Program Visa

Working holiday Visa

Subclass 400 visa






























How much does it cost to live?

The cost of living in Australia is high. You can expect to pay around $120 per week for your share of some accommodation and about the same for a week’s worth of food. Fresh food is plentiful. As a more relevant example, a bottle (375ml) of beer costs about $7 in a restaurant and about $2.50 from a bottle shop or liquor store (when bought in bulk). A coffee would cost around $4.50 in a café. If you spend a lot of time eating out, you will soon run out of money! There is more information about living in Australia here.


How much does it cost?

The fees below are based on a placement of less than 6 months and most winery placements are for less than this period.  Please contact us if think you need a longer visa.

PLEASE NOTE that these fees do not include any fees payable to organisations that you might be working with in your home country.

You are required to pay a AUD$995 deposit when you lodge your application. In the unlikely event that we do not find you a placement, you will receive a full refund*. This refund is available at the end of January when we are sure that there will be no more placements.

*full refund is paid in Australian dollars and there may be fluctuations in the value of the foreign currency. Any bank transfer fees are also deducted.

When the visa is decided you can pay the remaining ($2,175) fees up front and receive a $100 discount, or you can pay these fees over the first three months that you are in Australia ($725 each month). Please note that these fees are payable even if you are working in Australia for less than three months.

To take advantage of the payment plan option, you must provide Bibber with valid credit card details with your application, so the instalments can be deducted on the 1st of each month after you have arrived in Australia.

Program Fees*

Visa type


Amount still to pay


Wine Placement





Placement for Working Holiday visa


Upfront only



Further application while in Australia


Upfront only


Airfares, airport taxes, travel insurance, passport application fees, and any other unspecified costs are not included in this fee.

All Bibber participants must provide evidence of a return flight. If you do not have a return flight you will be required to lodge a AUD$1,500 bond with Bibber before your visa is issued. This money will be deposited in the Bibber Trust account and used in the event that you do not have enough money to purchase your own flight home. If you do not intend to have a return flight, you will need to factor in this extra cost (AUD$1,500).


*All fees are subject to change without notice and are listed in Australian dollars.


What do I get for these fees?

You deserve the very best, which is why you will receive a unique, packaged service including

  • A comprehensive information kit which you will receive when you arrive with your host.
  • A placement
  • Assistance with all the paperwork associated with your visa application
  • Payment of the visa application fee
  • Your tax file number applied for by us after your arrival and sent to both you and your host
  • Forwarding of your mail and any documents we receive on your behalf during your placement and after you have returned home including tax and pension documents
  • Ongoing support and assistance

Many of our previous participants are now our good friends and we encourage you to talk to them about their experience. Please contact us for their details or visit Bibber on Facebook.


When do I have to pay?

If you have credit card details on your application, we will collect a deposit fee of $995. If you want to pay by direct deposit, let is know and we will issue an invoice that will include our bank details.  Please note that we will not commence processing your application until the deposit has been paid and we have received all of the required documents. The remainder of your fees are due when the visa has been granted unless you have opted to take the payment plan. If we do not find you a placement, we guarantee to refund your fees*.

*full refund is paid in Australian dollars and there may be fluctuations in the value of the foreign currency. Any bank transfer fees are also deducted..


What if I decide to cancel?

If you decide to cancel* your application through Bibber, you will incur a cancellation fee, however the amount depends on what stage of the process your application is at. The cancellation fees are as follows:

Before Bibber finds a job:


After job is found/confirmed with the employer, but before visa is lodged:


After we have lodged your visa:


*Cancellation fees will be issued less any bank charges. Fluctuation in foreign exchange rates may increase or decrease the cancellation amounts. All cancellation fees are paid in Australian dollars.


What is the ‘Payment Plan’?

We understand that by the time you pay the deposit and arrange the airfares, plus a little extra to live on until you are paid, that you might be a little short of money.  The Bibber payment plan allows you to pay the majority of your fees while you are here in Australia, working and earning Aussie dollars. This is how it works:
The $995 deposit fee is due when you apply. You can then opt to take advantage of our payment plan, which involves payments on the first of the month after you arrive in Australia. The amount differs depending on the length of your stay. There is a discount if you have found your own placement. For example, someone arriving in February for a short placement, the fees would be 3 payments and would be due on the 1st of March, April and May.
Alternatively, if you pay the full fees before you arrive, you will receive a $100 discount from the total fees.


Do I have to pay all three payments if I am here for less than 3 months?

Yes you do. It is a deferred payment plan not a monthly pay as you go plan. You owe the full amount right from the start and how you choose to pay it is up to you. It doesn’t matter if you are home when the last payment is due, you must pay it.

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Important notes:
1. You will be here to work, not just observe. The hours might be very long and the work very hard! Also, please remember that you are here mainly to learn, not to teach.

2. More and more employers are testing their trainees for drugs. If you are into ‘wacky weed’ or any other illegal substance, be warned!


You will have the time of your life!
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