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Visa Application Information

What is the process after I have applied?

Step 1. When we have received your full application, we will use the information to prepare your visa forms and find you a placement. Your future employer will then complete the relevant details of your employment in a ‘Placement Agreement’. A Placement Agreement outlines the tasks you will be doing your time placement and include start and finish dates. Once this has been completed by your employer and returned it to us, we will then forward it to you, along with your visa forms, to check and sign before step number 2.

Step 2. Once we are sure that we have all the relevant forms and information, consisting of your visa forms, placement agreement, paperwork and an invitation letter prepared by us inviting you to stay in Australia for the length of your placement (up to once year), we will then lodge your visa application.

Step 3. Once your application has been lodged, you may be asked for health and character checks from Australia and your home country. You may also be asked to write a statement showing your intent to return home after this visa has expired.

Step 4. Immigration will then process your visa (please keep in mind that this make take up to 90 days) and they will issue us with a letter of approval.

Step 6:. We send you your visa grant letter once you have finalised your insurance and any outstanding payments to us.


Will I need to have a medical?

It is possible that Immigration may request a medical examination from you. If this is requested, we will send you all the forms and the instructions in order to have this check. The cost is about $400. There is a 1300 number that you can call to organise your medical and most times, the waiting period is not too long.


Can I contact Immigration about the status of my visa?

No please DO NOT contact Immigration about the status of your visa. They have to process 1000’s of visas and if they have to answer even one email or phone call from each of the visa applicants, it would mean that they would have no time to process any of the visas! If you contact immigration, they will contact us to let us know, so that we can apologize and contact you and ask you to stop. They are doing their best to grant the visas as quickly as they can, and if there are many applications, it sometimes takes longer than we think. Please be patient


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