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Fees, Cost and Taxes Information

How much does it cost?

The fees you pay depend on whether you are staying for a short placement 0-5 months or a long placement 6-12 months (max).


Visa type

Application fee (+ $700 STAC and $11.50
credit card surcharge if required
) **

per month



Short Placement







Long Placement





6 payments


**Based on your individual visa history. Onshore application may be subject to a $700 Subsequent Temporary Application Charge (STAC) for the Immigration. If you are required to pay this charge, you will need to pay this additional $700 + the Immigration $11.50 credit card surcharge with the application fee. (For example: $995+ $700 + $11.50= $1706.50). Please contact us for further information and check if you are subject to STAC. 

If you pay the full fees (deposit plus instalments) before you receive your visa, you will receive an extra AUD$200 discount from the total fees. To take advantage of the payment plan option, you must provide Bibber with valid credit card details with your application, so the instalments can be deducted on the 1st of each month after your visa has been granted.


When do I have to pay?

If you have credit card details on your application, we will collect a deposit fee of $995. The remainder of your fees are due when the visa has been granted unless you have opted to take the payment plan. If you do not have a credit card, you must pay all your fees up front by bank transfer.


What if I decide to cancel?

If you decide to cancel your application through Bibber, you will incur a cancellation fee, however the amount depends on what stage of the process your application is at. The cancellation fees are as follows:

Before Bibber finalises your visa application:


Before your visa application is lodged:


After we have lodged your visa:



What is the ‘Payment Plan’?

Bibber’s Payment Plan allows those of you who are a little short of money to pay the majority of your fees while you are working and earning money.
This is how it works:
The deposit fee ($995 for offshore applicants or $1695 for onshore applicants) is due when you apply. You can then opt to take advantage of our payment plan, which involves payments on the first of the month after your visa is granted. The amount differs depending on the length of your visa (long or short). Alternatively, if you pay the full fees before your visa is granted, you will receive a $200 discount from the total fees.

To take advantage of the payment plan option, you must provide Bibber with valid credit card details with your application, so the payments can be deducted.

Telephone +61 8 8374 0077
Fax +61 8 8374 3300


Will I have to pay tax?

In most cases, while you are working in Australia through this program on our 416 special program visa, you will pay tax as an Australian resident. This means that although you may be taxed at a high rate during your employment, you should receive a refund of some of the money paid at a later date. The amount of tax you should eventually pay will be around 12 –20%. It is up to the Tax office to determine your tax level so there are no guarantees, however to date there have been only a few negative decisions


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