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Visa Rules Information

Can I work at more than one place?

The visa paperwork is for one employer only. There may be circumstances where you would need to change employers, but this is very rare and generally not your decision. You must not leave your employer without telling them, and Bibber. If you leave your specified employer and try to seek work at another employer independent of the exchange program, we may withdraw our sponsorship and you will need to leave Australia. There may be some opportunities after you have finished your first placement, however this must be done in consultation with us.


If I like it in Australia, can I stay longer?

There are a few options for you to stay in Australia after this visa, however this visa is not intended as a pathway to permanent residence. It is possible in some cases that you might qualify for other visas especially if you have an employer who is willing to sponsor you, however this visa does not give you head start except for providing your employer with an opportunity to evaluate your performance for a longer period. The visa regulations change often and options available now, may not be available later. Everyone’s case needs to be assessed individually and we are happy to talk to you about your situation on a one to one basis. We have a registered and experienced Migration Agent on our staff who is qualified to offer you advice.


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