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Visa Process Information

What is the process after I have applied to the program?

First, we will submit your application to our exchange program partner in the country of your choice. After this, much patience is required while we wait for your placement information. This depends largely on the strength of your application, so providing a well set out resume and an informative autobiography is important. When your application has been accepted at an employer, they will provide a Confirmation of Placement and a Training Plan to our partner Program. This will outline what tasks you will be doing during your time there and will also provide information about accommodation, and start and ending dates. We will then send you the Placement Agreement (usually via email) for you to read and sign


What is the process after I have applied to the program?

Once the Overseas Exchange Program has received a signed copy of your Placement Agreement, they will issue the visa paperwork and send it to Bibber.  In some cases we might be using a working holiday visa and the process for this an each country is slightly different.  For example the process to obtain a visa to work in the USA requires you to have an interview at the closest US Consulate.


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