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Placement Information

What are my chances of a successful placement?

If you meet the visa criteria, have the right education and  experience and good references, then your chances of finding a placement are very good. Of course this must be supported by a detailed, informative application, resume,   autobiography and also a YouTube video if you are serious about getting that extra edge. However it will depend on where you want to go and what type of placement you are after.

Where can I go?

There are placements available in the USA and many countries of Europe, depending on what sector of Agriculture you are interested in.


Will I be paid?

Yes you will be paid, and it will be enough for you to live on, if you are not extravagant. Many countries pay just a stipend which is a small amount of money however in this case they may also provide food and accommodation. Other employers will pay a wage and you will need to pay for own accommodation and food. We strongly recommend that you do NOT compare placements simply by the amount you are paid.

There are many factors that contribute to a successful placement, not just the amount you earn.

If you are going only to make money, stay home.
This is a learning experience not a money making venture!


Can I find my own placement?

 You have two options when deciding upon your placement. You can make contact with potential employers independently or you can specify your needs to Bibber International and we will endeavour to find you a placement that fits them. Please let us know if you have circulated your CV to Employers because we may be able to facilitate your placement at one of them.


Can my friend and I work in the same place?

Friends do sometimes work at the same employer but this is often arranged by the individuals rather than by the Exchange Program. This is not normally organised by the Exchange program so should not be requested. We can certainly assist with the visa arrangements if you have organised your own dual placement. Please be aware that it will limit your chances of placement if you insist on going to the same place.

Is the process easier if I have found my own placement?

If you have found your own placement, the process may be slightly faster and less stressful. Please provide us with details of your placement including the contact details of your employer including, address and contact person (and their details).


Do I still have to complete all the forms and submit a CV/Resume and Autobiography if I have found my own placement?

Yes, you must still provide a CV and all the requested forms. These forms are all used to fill your visa application and we can’t get you a visa without them.


What is expected of me?

Placements can be from 3-18 months depending on your placement and the country you choose.  You should have at least a basic understanding of the language of the country where you intend to go, because you will have a much better time if you can communicate

Please also remember that you are NOT there to teach but rather to learn. There might also be some practices that will be foreign to you and may also seem very strange!


What can I expect from the employer?

Bibber International, through its partner exchange program, requires participating host employers to provide you with a good learning opportunity and payment for their work. Many employer pay by the hour with overtime allowances for periods over 8 hours per day. If they are also providing housing and/or transport, then the hourly rate may be a bit lower or you may receive a flat weekly rate.

Important notes:

  1. You are going to work, not just observe. The hours will be long and the work hard! Also, please remember that you are there to learn, not to teach.
  2. More and more employers are drug testing their employees. If you are into ‘wacky weed’ or any other illegal substance, be warned!
While you are overseas please remember that, you are ambassadors for your country. If you behave like an idiot they may think that everyone from your country is an idiot!


You will have the time of your life!
Ask someone who has done it!

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