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What is Bibber all about?

This program provides a life changing experience for enthusiastic farm industry personnel from all over the world. It not only provides a visa for legal work in Australia but also a comprehensive program of support and mentorship during the participants stay. It is not a source of cheap labour for employers, but rather a true cultural exchange where the staff and families can benefit as much as the participant. Bibber is associated with a global network of partners, all of whom seek excellence in the quality of the services they offer, to both the participants and the hosts. Bibber is one of the best program of its type in the world

How much does it cost?

This service is free, provided you follow 3 easy rules!

  1. They must be paid according to the relevant award
  2. You need to keep them safe, following all the OH&S rules
  3. We would like you to help them find accommodation at least in the first instance

How does it work?

Step 1.

Applications from participants are received from all over the world.

Step 2.

An ‘available Bibber list’ is posted on our website and you have access to it 24 hours a day 7 days a week via a secure login. This list is updated weekly or as required. If anyone looks interesting, all you need to do is click on the link and it will take you to comprehensive information about the applicant including CV Autobiography and references. There is also a short YouTube video for applicants to tell you about their experience and to demonstrate their English abilities.

Step 3.

If you find someone you like, we prepare a placement agreement and it is signed by both you and the ‘Bibber’

Step 4.

We send this placement agreement to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) with a letter of invitation offering to sponsor the applicant for the time he is in Australia. We also send several visa forms, info about the applicant and some visa fees. The visa process can take up to three months depending on where the applicant is from.

Step 5.

We coordinate with the arrival of the Bibber to your region and send you a survival kit to give them when they first arrive.  This kit contains a power adaptor, phone sim card with credit to get them started, and numerous other useful items. After their arrival we apply for their tax file number and forward it to you both when we receive it.

Step 6.

They will work for as long as you need them before leaving to take a holiday or return directly home. If you want them to stay longer we can help you with visa options that might be available.

Step 7.

Both you and the Bibber are sent a feedback form, which enables you to evaluate the experience, the program and the services offered by Bibber.

Step 8

The Bibber returns home (sometimes after a brief holiday) and you can forward all their mail to us for on forwarding to the Bibber via email, fax or post. After the 30 June each year, we coordinate the collection of payment summaries and arrange to lodge the tax returns through a partnership with a good accountant. We help with the super refunds as well.


Why should we use Bibber instead of going directly to DIBP?

I guess that it depends on how much you like paperwork and stress! It is now very hard to sponsor young people to come to Australia, unless they come from a country that has rights to a Working Holiday Visa,- they do not require any sponsorship. Unfortunately many countries do not enjoy access to this visa.

If you decide to sponsor them and intend to have them work for you on a regular basis for 2 years, then the 457 Business Skills visa would certainly be an option.


Who is eligible to come to Australia using this program?

A suitable participant:

  • Is under 31 years of age *
  • Has some experience in the relevant industry
  • Often is studying or has completed relevant tertiary qualifications
  • Has a good command of the English language
  • Has references that can be verified
  • Is committed to and enthusiastic about their chosen career


Do I need to provide transport?

There is no obligation to provide transport long term, however please remember that many will arrive without the funds to go out and buy a car as soon as they arrive, so assistance with transport in the first instance will be appreciated.


Do I need to provide accommodation?

There is no obligation for you to provide accommodation. However if you are in a remote location, any assistance provided would be much appreciated. It is the cause of a lot of worry for many of the Bibbers that they don’t know where they will be living so if you can help out with a bed or couch even if it only for a few days, they will be much more relaxed from the outset.


If I do provide accommodation, can I pay them less?

If you provide accommodation, you can of course charge rent or board for this service. It is a good idea though to keep the wages and rent separate and make sure that all the transactions are transparent, to prevent any misunderstanding.


What about medical insurance?

If the Bibber is injured while at your farm, he or she is covered by Work Cover. If he or she is injured when away from work, he or she will be covered by a medical/travel insurance policy that is a compulsory element of the Bibber visa program.


If I register, do we have to take someone?

No. Registration is completely obligation free. If you don’t like the look of anyone we have or you get your staff sorted by some other means, that is fine.


How long can I employ them for?

The visa can be issued for up to one year, and Immigration often allow a few extra weeks for post work travel. If you need them for longer than a year, then we would need to find alternative visa options.


What else do I need to provide?

It really goes without saying that you must provide a safe working environment that complies with all relevant State and Federal Laws. This includes the provision of safety equipment and any training specific to your workplace. Having a good sense of humour is always good as well!


What happens if we don’t get on?

If there is conflict between you and the Bibber, please let us know. We will make every effort to resolve the problem via phone calls, site visits and if necessary mediated meetings. Because the employment period is for a short term, it is hoped that good communication will reduce or remove the problem.  We can also try to ‘re home’ them as a last resort, however this happens very rarely.


How much do we have to pay them?

One of the conditions of this program is that participants are paid on a casual basis according to the relevant award of your state. If you do not already have this information, visit the Federal and State Awards and Conditions of Employment website at The participants should be paid overtime according to the relevant award and, because they all will have some experience, should be paid at a level higher than the entry/training level.


What about tax?

Participants will usually pay tax as an Australian resident and so it means that the first $18000 is tax free.  Bibber has also outsourced a registered tax agent and financial advisor to assist participants with lodging their tax return and their Medicare exemption refund and we also help them obtain a refund for their superannuation contributions.

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If you have any further questions about registering with Bibber, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us.

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