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Withdraw Superannuation - ANZ Smart Choice Super

Want to collect your Super money?

You MUST have left the country before you can collect your superannuation money.

When you permanently leave Australia with no intention to return for work you may apply to UNLOCK and collect your super.

(Please note: The Australian government keeps a percentage of the balance as an early withdrawal tax, as we mentioned during the orientation.)


  • I am now outside of Australia and have no intention of returning to work in Australia in the future
  • The date on my VISA has already expired (check your VISA grant letter now)
  • I am not returning to Australia to work again
  • I want to collect my super, knowing the Australian government will keep a percentage
  • I have received all my super payments from my employer (Not sure? Refer to your handbook “Superannuation” section)
  • I have my Australian bank account open

I can agree with all six (6) statements




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